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8th Grader SMOKES Monica Conyers On Camera

| On 12, Mar 2010

Anyone familiar with Detroit politics has heard that former City Councilwoman Monica Conyers was sentenced this week to 37 months in jail for her role in a bribery scam with city contractors.

Aside from her obvious legal issues now, Conyers always had a lot of mouth when she was on the council.  Her frequent outbursts, attitude, and friction with other council members made her the talk of the city.

But, she gained real notoriety in 2008 when this clip surfaced on YouTube of middle schoolers visiting City Council a few days after one of her well-publicized outbursts.  You have to watch this 8th grader, Kierra Bell, check Monica on camera about how to conduct herself in future meetings.  She got Mo-Mo RIGHT TOGETHER!!! This is classic!

Two of my favorite quotes from Kierra:

  • “You need to know your BOUNDARIES [on City Council].”
  • “Sometimes people need to THINK before they ACT…”

I would nominate Kierra Bell for Detroit City Council if I lived there!

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