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911 EMERGENCY – Harold Ford, Jr. Needs a Barber!!!

| On 31, Jan 2010

Exhibit A: Widow's peak with a curly box and a 1987 Kid 'N Play line on the side. WTH???

Sorry y’all, I have to put politics aside for a quick second and address this CALAMITY I have seen on TV in the past week.  This is a threat to our national security!!

Former U.S. Representative Harold Ford, Jr. has made the rounds on TV recently throwing around his possible bid for the U.S. Senate seat in New York.  When I looked at the TV and saw his hairline, I almost threw the TV out the window!  And this is not one of those, “Oh, you just caught me after a 6:00 a.m. pillow fight” type of days.  Harold has been in every form of known media in January with that WIGGY NOT EVER TIGHT!! From my research, it looks like it’s been years since that hair has seen its glory days.

Ford plans to represent a state with the nation’s largest city that contains five boroughs – three of which have barber shops/salons on every corner and in every highrise!!  How do you claim a state that birthed the Hip-Hop culture, yet you can’t secure a decent lineup and/or temple fade???  It’s like meeting someone’s Grandma who can’t cook.  HUH???  ::smh at Harold::

Harold, please take a note out of Barack’s playbook.  Between Chicago and Washington, D.C., there’s a pair of clippers WAITING PATIENTLY to touch his scalp at all times.  He doesn’t even walk Bo in the middle of the night without at least a Caesar cut.


Exhibits B & C .. an older shot and more recent one

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