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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Alabama Rep. Artur Davis Gets SMOKED In the Primary

| On 02, Jun 2010

It was like Hiroshima up in the Alabama voting booths yesterday. Smoke and ash was left of Artur Davis's campaign for governor.

The media loves a good conservative/liberal face-off.

This time they are playing Rep. Artur Davis (D-Alabama) against President Barack Obama. You know that’s super easy because ::gasp:: they are both Black.  And you know that Black people compare very well to one another … ::lets sarcasm drip::

Anyway, Rep. Davis was vying to be the Democratic nominee for Alabama governor.  He would have been the first Black person to hold that position had he won in November.  Davis was up against the state’s Agriculture Commissioner, Ron Sparks.  Well, Sparks pulled out the paddle and spanked that a$$ all the way to victory.  In fact, he pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Alabama history – winning the vote 62 to 38 percent.

The passive controversy was in Davis’s rebuttal of Barack Obama’s policies, which are usually supported by the Congressional Black Caucus.  For instance, Davis voted AGAINST the healthcare legislation that passed Congress in March.  It was confusing to a lot of people since much of his district in Alabama will directly benefit from the healthcare improvements. He also did not seek the endorsements of Alabama’s black political groups in his bid for governor.  They didn’t support him in 2002 when he was elected to Congress.  Very interesting…

In a nutshell, he painted himself as a conservative Democrat, but his “base” wasn’t buying it.  He seemed to be ahead of himself thinking that he could transcend race when there were clear lines drawn in the sand. Black people were not feeling him like they were/are POTUS 44 because of Davis’s obvious conservative tilt.  And white voters by in large felt that Sparks was the better candidate since he campaigned on the issue of gambling revenues in the state.

It’s almost unfathomable to me how a DEMOCRAT FROM CONGRESS could run for executive office in his home state having voted AGAINST the historic healthcare legislation.  Maybe that’s just me, but voting against that had to hurt him.  There were several national articles written in the wake of that vote with an overall “WTF tone” pointed at Davis.  lol…

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