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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Alvin Greene Imagines DENZEL WASHINGTON Playing Him In Movie

| On 13, Jul 2010

U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene (SC)

Actor Denzel Washington. Zero relation, image, favor, thought process, NOTHING to Mr. Greene.

I hate to keep beating this Alvin Greene horse to death.  But, he keeps trying to get up off the ground and give me more to comment on. I just cannot help myself.

South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate, Alvin Greene, is speaking a bit  more to the media these days.  Through his barrage of one-word responses, preggy pauses, and general lack of immediacy about his “campaign,” I can say the man dreams BIG DREAMS!  He gives us the kind of big dreams that only come to those who mix their recreational marijuana with powdery substances. He is on some other stuff, people!

The New York Times recently did a profile on said-candidate.  They revealed that he has been contacted “by a publishing agent in New York and a screenwriter in California.”  That alone caused me to walk away from the computer, but I digress.

Of course, a screenwriter means some type of film adaptation could be in the ethos of those (on some form of powerful substance).  Greene told the outlet that he would like Denzel Washington to play him if a movie were to ever be made about him.


Did he just say Oscar-winning and highly-acclaimed actor Denzel Washington is his idea of someone to play him?! I’m sorry, but how do you just upgrade yourself like that? That’s like me asking Matthew McConaughey to play me in a movie (and I’m Black). It just ain’t gonna fly.

My concern is that Alvin is just not that CALIBUR of man to be played by Denzel. I know it’s hard out there in Hollywood to get steady work. But, giving one-word (and borderline uninformed) answers doesn’t quite give Denzel a whole lot to sink his teeth into for the role.  I’m just saying…

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