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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Alvin Greene Really Did Pay His $10K Senate Race Filing Fee

| On 12, Jul 2010

Alvin had to have hit it big at the riverboat casino or SOMETHING to afford a $10,440 fililng fee for the Senate primary in South Carolina.

Here’s a small bit of confusing news.

There was some (read: a helluva lot) of speculation about who came up with the coins for Alvin Greene’s $10,440 filing fee in the South Carolina Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Have no fear, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is here.  They recently ruled that Big Al fronted all of the cash for his filing fee after reviewing his bank statements and conducting interviews. There had been questions as to the source of the money because many felt that Greene was simply a GOP plant designed to eff up the Democratic primary.  According to SLED, that’s not true.  At least on paper.

So, if Greene’s money is long like that, this begs bigger questions for me.  If you’ve got $10K+ in the bank and you’re UNEMPLOYED and living with Mama, shouldn’t you marshal your resources toward getting a job you’re qualified for NOW?! Even if by some long shot he does win .. which he won’t .. he wouldn’t be sworn in until January!  Now he’s minus $10K, not going to get this job, then what’s next?  The math is just off to me.  I would try to be on my Dave Ramsey plan tough and hold on to every penny of that money.  He is definitely not the smartest cookie out there.

Instead of creating a campaign for Senate, the somewhat more SANE plan would be to create a campaign for INCOME.  How about that?!

P.S. – Sources are reporting that Alvin is due in court today to answer to his prior obscenity charge.  A few months ago, he was accused of showing porn on a public computer to a college student in South Carolina.  Random…

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