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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Ann Coulter Thinks She’s George Carlin

| On 20, Feb 2010

Ann will never .. let's say .. have to dust off her mantle for a beauty queen trophy.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend in Washington, D.C. has gotten even more interesting beyond Dismal Dick (Cheney’s) appearance earlier this week.  If you remember, he claimed Thursday, “Barack Obama is a one-term president…”

Conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, came out of hiding and made a speech at the event this afternoon.  Annie was up to her old tricks of trying to trash and burn anyone who doesn’t agree with her extreme far-right wacko conservatism.  So, she took some funny, but mostly cheap shots at a few people – including Bill Clinton and Anderson Cooper.

Thanks to Frum Forum for the list.  Read a few for yourself:

  • “Hi, I’m Ann Coulter –  if you’d like to hear my remarks in English, please press 1.”
  • “These days, a moderate Democrat is someone who thinks you shouldn’t be taught fisting until you’re at least 12 years old.” (Sick references to child abuse = UNCALLED FOR ANN!!)
  • Regarding Bill Clinton’s recent heart problems: “When asked by a doctor how he felt, Clinton said it felt like two interns were sitting on his chest.”
  • “CNN calls [the tea party movement] ‘Tea Baggers’ – that’s the gayest term I’ve heard on CNN since ‘Anderson Cooper’!”
  • “Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts has got to have Ted Kennedy rolling over in his grave… spilling his drink.”

I mean, really Ann?  I love a good joke like the next person.  But, she couldn’t find anything better to do than roast a late Senator and a former president’s heart issues?  That was kinda low.  She might be pissed with Anderson Cooper because he doesn’t kiss her a$$ like all the FOX News anchors do.  What she WON’T do is say that to his face or on air .. lol!

Ann is just peddling her sad brand of shock politics.  Obama can’t do anything right and anyone who agrees with him is the enemy.  We get it.  So like many of the conservatives in the audience she pandered to, she offered NO IDEAS and NO CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE.

My bigger question is honestly, “Who the hell IS Ann Coulter anyway???”  She just kinda dropped down from another planet and started talking to us on TV like Charlie Brown’s teacher .. “Whaaaa-Whaaaa-Whaaaa…”  Let it go Annie!

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