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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Are Gas Prices Going Up AGAIN?!?!

| On 08, Jan 2010

My God! Seems like yesterday (in 2008) when gas was right at $4.30/gallon. Then as we got closer to the presidential election, then *bling*, like magic the prices went down. In fact, in my area, they went down almost near $2.00/gallon. Amazing, huh? The magic of an outgoing president will make all kinds of things happen.

Well, AAA confirmed yesterday what you and I already knew. Gas prices are going up again. As we know, the price of gas is closely related to the price of a barrel of oil. One of those barrels is going for over $82 today and the price is steadily rising. ::smh:: I guess President Obama can’t save us from this one since oil prices are global. But, believe you me, it’s his fault … somehow … I’m just waiting on 24-hour news to create the scenario.

So, this looks like the perfect setup. The U.S. has been hammered with cold and snow over the past week and a half. We’re only a couple of weeks into winter, anyway. With the spring and summer driving seasons still months away, it’s a great time for the foreign oil gods to RAPE us at the pump for every penny they can get. Then, when the weather breaks, they can say that we’re driving (read: demanding) more gas so the prices will continue to rise.

Let’s chat about this. Where are gas prices in your area? Are you ready to see $3.00+/gallon soon for gas?

You can find info about user-submitted low(er) prices in your area at

If you want to check the price of an barrel of oil, click here.

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