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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Arizona House Passes Ridiculous Birther Bill

| On 21, Apr 2010

Someone wasted hard-earned money to pay for this billboard?? Smh...

The state of Arizona sunk to a new low this week with the passage of a so-called “birther” amendment to another piece of legislation.

The Arizona House voted 31-22 to require presidential candidates to prove they are natural born citizens to Arizona officials before they go on the ballot.  So, when President Obama runs for re-election in 2012, he would have to show the AZ election officials his birth certificate, etc. proving he meets presidential requirements. Ain’t that some ISH?!

It’s really confusing because the U.S. Constitution already says that checking candidates information is a task for the federal level of government.  But, this is Arizona we’re talking about and state Rep. Judy Barnes, the bill’s sponsor.  It seems like they are against any and everything that doesn’t look like them.  At the same time as this birther crap, Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has some divisive immigration reform legislation sitting on her desk that’s about to blow the roof off of the state soon.

This whole “birther” movement speaks to a larger problem within a portion of the conservative electorate. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT BARACK OBAMA AS PRESIDENT … PERIOD, POINT BLANK! We can call this show pony every name we want, but it is what it is.  They are not going to rest until they CREATE a reason to disqualify Obama from his rightful place as president.

President Obama has been called a socialist, Marxist, Maoist, racist, terrorist, Hitler, Kenyan, Muslim, anti-American, and several other NSFW names.  They’ve used the media, blogs, protests, rallies, and any other method to try to rally as many people as possible against him.  Now the chief executive of an entire nation has to answer to ARIZONA for credibility???  It’s a sad day when issues like this are at the top of any state’s list of priorities.

Maybe you can email Judy Burges at and ask her yourself why she thinks this legislation is so important?  I’m confused…

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