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Arizona Is Trying To Phase Out “Anchor Babies”

| On 14, Jun 2010

It's always the flag-draped ones that cause all of the trouble. Pictured here is Arizona State Senator (and hate-legislator) Russell Pearce...

The wicked state of Arizona is up to their immigration antics again!

This time it’s the “anchor babies” and the 14th amendment that are the target of potential hate legislation. Anchor babies are the children born to illegal immigrants in the United States.  The 14th amendment says that people born or naturalized in the U.S. are citizens of this country and that no state can create laws taking that right away.

Well, Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce (R) says to hell with both the anchor babies and the law!  He told Time that he is considering drafting a law that would stop children of illegals from being U.S. citizens.  Yes .. really .. he’s planning to suggest this!

The worst part about it is that before it’s even on paper, this idea has both Republican and gubernatorial support!  I told you Gov. Jan Brewer was an evil woman…

Of course, this is just another notch in the saga of immigration in the state of Arizona.  In April, the governor signed into law one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in regards to immigration.  As of August, it will be a crime to be in the state illegally.

Now with next potential piece of controversy to try to stamp out illegals, Arizona might as well break off and become their own nation.  The people, the rest of us 49 states, none of that has any weight with them.  They just want the illegals out and will try anything to make it happen.

Does Arizona operate on some type of alternate planet or universe that I don’t know about?! Where is this stuff really legal???

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