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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Atlanta-Area Riot Over Section 8 Applications!

| On 12, Aug 2010

This video left me shaking my head on so many levels.

On Wednesday, a shopping center in East Point, Georgia became the chaotic scene of a reported 30,000 people wanting applications for Section 8 housing in the inner-ring Atlanta suburb. Yes, I said APPLICATIONS .. not a guarantee of housing … but paper applications! People camped out, bumrushed, and otherwise stampeded the shopping center to be first in line for the applications. The TV clip says that people even came from other states to get in on the action.

By Thursday, some people returned to the same location, but things seemed to be much more orderly. Police were taking the completed applications from people’s cars and clamping down on any signs of gathering crowds, which were much smaller.

Like the FOX 5 reporter said, “Why weren’t applications distributed at several different locations?” Plus, I’m gonna take it a step further. We are in the digital age. You’re telling me that no one out there uses a computer? Yes, I understand some may not HAVE a computer, but I’m kinda lost about paper-only applications for anything in 2010. At a bare minimum, the application could be completed online with assistance from the Section 8 authorities. Something, ANYTHING, has to be better than the system on Wednesday.

Many other Atlanta-area Section 8 waiting lists are closed, thus creating demand to get on the East Point list.  You may remember a similar scene in Detroit last October where people rioted downtown at Cobo Hall for PAPER applications for housing assistance. Did East Point not learn ANYTHING from Detroit?

Last, but certainly not least, I am going to address what everyone is thinking. Why do you have to act a fool like that in the first place? I am Black. This type of scene reinforces so many stereotypes about African-Americans that I simply cannot support. It also confirms why homeowner’s associations across the country give a MEAN side-eye to Section 8 tenants – out of fear from images like this.  It’s my understanding that the Section 8 program has long wanted to revamp its image, but mess like what happened on Wednesday don’t help.

Before you send hate mail, please note that I’m not knocking the Section 8 program or anyone that is using it. But, I will not support people acting an ass to get a piece of paper, inciting violence, and disturbing the peace. I know that not everyone out there was showing out.

You know me. I must call this on the carpet like I see it. Wednesday’s scene was PURELY UNACCEPTABLE from the Section 8 authorities AND many of the applicants!!!

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