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AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Bans HS Ethnic Studies Classes

| On 13, May 2010

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer continues to use the brain that's under her wrinkled skin for EVIL!

Arizona’s now-hated Governor Jan Brewer has more tricks up her witches sleeve.

She and that damned pen of hers signed a law banning ethnic studies courses that (state education leaders CLAIM TO) promote ethnic solidarity, teach hatred of whites, or don’t include other races in the student population.

On the surface, it makes sense.  Schools should not be places where race-baiting or segregation are taught.  However, in Tucson, where 56 percent of students are Latino, it only makes sense that Mexican-American heritage courses would be intense and rich in background.  Critics say that the classes teach Latinos that they are oppressed by Whites.  (But, did anybody see Jan’s signature on the state’s shiny new immigration law?  How do you support that decision, yet ban similar discussions in the classroom?)

Honestly, I don’t think the classes probably teach hatred of Whites.  It sounds like the classes show the real struggles that Latinos face and focus on their contributions to life in the U.S. (i.e., their contributions in the Vietnam War).  The State Schools Chief, Tom Horne, can’t honestly say that there has been no oppression of Latinos ever in the history of Arizona or the U.S.  Be real Tommy!

It saddens me that many in this country, and ARIZONA of all places, still can’t seem to have an honest conversation about race. It reeks of hypocrisy that the same woman who signed a de facto racial profiling law into existence in April would ban intense cultural studies in high schools in May.  You know what they say, though.  INFORMATION IS POWER.  Arizona leaders know it and they don’t want some of the youth to have it.

P.S. – Horne, by the way, is running for the state’s Attorney General in November.  So, this is a great feather in his legal cap.  If he’s making these types of curriculum changes as state superintendent, what in the world is he going to do for Arizona as its main legal representative, if he wins?

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