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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Big Lou Sides With the ‘Birthers’

| On 12, Jan 2010

Lou is as confused as the "birthers"...

Lou Dobbs, the former host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” is pulling straws out that a$$ again, as he famously did on his program.  This time, instead of illegal Mexican immigrants, Barack Obama is the target.  Not that the President should be scared, but Lou, the one-trick pony, is out of the stable.

Dobbs is saying that he’s being unfairly attacked by the left because he raised the question of Obama’s place of birth.  Never mind that the president’s Certification of Live Birth and state officials have confirmed that he was born in Hawaii.  Dobbs says that the question of Obama’s birthplace is “common sense.”  But, is it really a legit question when the facts prove that he was born in Hawaii?  I don’t think Lou really cares.  If you haven’t heard, he thinks that America is going to fall and bump its collective head before 2012 and elect him president.  Ummm … NOT HARDLY!

If you missed the whole ‘birther’ argument … here it goes.   It is a tired complaint from the extreme far right that our president is really a Kenyan citizen.  Everybody knows there was a master plan back in late 1960 when President Obama’s mother became pregnant.  His parents decided that they would hide their desire to have the baby born in Kenya.  They knew that Black baby in a manger would become president – because America was so equal, diverse, and welcoming of people of color in the early 1960’s. ::insert sarcasm::

I mean, what were separate lunch counters, drinking fountains, and bus rides back then?!  I’ve never heard of them.  Words like Selma, Montgomery bus boycott, lynching, Jim Crow, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, and lunch counter sit-ins don’t ring a bell with me!  So yeah, even as a FETUS, his parents had the foresight to know he would become POTUS … even if their union was illegal in many states.  Think of how “welcoming” states like Alabama and Mississippi were to interracial unions in the early 1960s … lol.

So, this we’ve reached the end of the master plan.  The ‘birthers’ found Obama out and now he must pay the price and Lou Dobbs is going to help them.  Damn!

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