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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Billboard Calls Obama Gay, Terrorist, Mexican, and a Gangster

| On 18, Oct 2010

If you live in Colorado, you may see this while driving around your fair state.

Some people just know how to take it ALL THE WAY THERE! And I think we have found the perfect candidate.

Out in the Wild West of Colorado, midterm election season is heating up in the Centennial State. One artist has taken the partisan bickering back and forth by creating a pretty offensive caricature drawing of President Obama. The image was then turned into billboards that have popped up all over Colorado.

In the drawing, four representations of the president are featured. One is gay, another is a terrorist, a third is a Mexican bandit, and the fourth is a gangster.

The artist, Paul Snover, thinks the labels are accurate of the president. According to his page on Patriotic Resistance, he also thinks Obama is a socialist operating an oligarchy intent on trampling on the Constitution. It’s clear to me exactly why he labeled President Obama with these gross inaccuracies.

I guess respecting people that don’t look like you, pushing for reforms that are outside of your “class” level, and knowing that all Muslims are NOT terrorists may (in some circles) call for billboards like this. I respect Snover’s right to free speech. But, he honestly can’t say he even believes these characterizations himself outside of the positive cash flow to his bank account. Keep it real!

Oh, and by the way, the person or group who is funding the statewide billboards won’t identify themselves. I wonder how Snover could draw a “coward” in caricature?

*Thanks to Reggie Levine for the story tip.

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