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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Black Republican Candidate Fights For Bush’s Social Security Plan

| On 09, Mar 2010

Meet Angela McGlowan, a Republican candidate in Mississippi for the U.S. House of Representatives and former FOX News personality.  She is hoping to gain the nod in the GOP primary on June 1 to run in the general election in the fall.  The clip above is from her recent speech at the National Tea Party convention in Nashville, but the speech is not directly related to this blog post.

Let me start by saying, I support everyone’s right to choose the party, ideology, and candidates of their choice.  I’m NOT going to knock Angie because she is a black Republican. If that’s what speaks to her issues, then let her have at it.  We would not be a democracy if that weren’t a cardinal rule.

The thing that caught my attention, better yet stopped me DEAD IN MY TRACKS, was that McGlowan is calling on her GOP opponent to support her vision of continuing the George W. Bush push to privatize Social Security. Who in the hell left that gate wide open???  Is she serious?  She wants to put the elderly’s retirement money into the stock market that just crashed in 2008.

We are still in one of the biggest recessions in nearly a century.  But, Angie wants to give Grandma’s money to Wall Street so THEY can manage her retirement in an IRA??  In the past 24 months, has she had any access to a 401(k) statement, IRA balance, or even been connected to the Internet or a working flat-screen TV??  The stock market lost BILLIONS of dollars due to sketchy financial trading and reporting!  Our financial issues triggered a global financial crisis.  Does any of that ring a bell?

Her campaign promise, on top of the mere fact that she referenced George Walker Bush in a campaign speech, has me about ready to throw this laptop out the window.  She supports the Tea Party Movement, which again, just leaves me speechless.  I don’t know what she’s gotten a hold of, but that’s gotta be some good ISH that Angie is smoking!! I’m glad she is standing up for what she believes in.  But, campaigning on putting MORE power in Wall Street’s hands at the expense of our seniors is a real WTF moment for me.  Not cool, Angie.

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