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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Fmr. President Bush’s Book Sells Two Million Copies

| On 24, Dec 2010

This thing is moving like hotcakes off the bookstore shelves! Do you have your copy yet? Don't worry. I don't either.

This headline may say a lot about the state of reading in this country. Perhaps we aren’t being picky enough with what we get from the library and bookstores.

Former President George W. Bush has broken some records other than being one of the worst presidents to ever live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His book “Decision Points,” released in November, has logged some impressive sales numbers in the month and a half since it hit shelves.

The hardcover and e-book have moved over two million copies so far. That is more than most other hardcover nonfiction books released in 2010, according to a spokesman for Crown Publishing. It has almost eclipsed former President Clinton’s book that has moved 2.2 million units since its 2004 release.

I must say the feat is astounding from a president who was NOT known for his literary prowess. To me, the real reason the book is flying off the shelves is because Bush was such a polarizing president. People really want to know WHAT THE HELL he was thinking during all of that controversy during his time in office (9/11, wars in the Middle East, Katrina). He pretty much turned into a recluse once President Obama took office. It’s was like a hit and run accident where he got away scott-free.

It also didn’t hurt that he promoted the book on FOX News like a hooker trying to make her rent for the month. Big media is always a great thing to have in your back pocket and that of your former Administration.

Whatever the case is, Bush can move some books! I wouldn’t be surprised to see more from him. ::covers eyes::

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