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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Caller from Dr. Laura’s Show Appears On CNN

| On 24, Aug 2010

After watching this clip, I almost slammed my laptop shut!

The caller “Jade” (real name: Anita Hanson) from Dr. Laura’s infamous rant two weeks ago has finally had her say about the incident in the mainstream media. She talked with CNN’s T.J. Holmes about the controversy and some of her feelings behind it.

I’m sorry, but I threw an immediate side-eye at her. At the beginning of the clip, T.J. said that Hanson had been going through “crying sprees” over the fallout. HUH?! Did I hear him correctly?

This grown-ass woman has shed tears over something that a radio talk show host said to her?!! She couldn’t figure out what she said to Dr. Laura that started the rant, so she initially blamed herself. This gal has got to be one weak woman. I’m not advocating that the n-word is right. I just can’t support her shedding a tear over something that a radio host says who is not feeding, financing or “f-bombing” her. lol…

Hanson came across in this clip as beating the dead horse. Ok, we get that Dr. Laura used the n-word in their phone conversation. But, was she really THAT hurt by it? She also said that she doesn’t accept Dr. Laura’s apology? AND?! Dr. Laura is the last woman on the planet looking for Anita’s approval at this point. I understand the call didn’t go as planned. Dr. Laura was wrong. But, Neet-Neet can’t continue to hold that against her and still speak out against the N-word while not accepting her apology.

She brought up the idea of doing a public awareness campaign similar to Oprah’s “No Phone Zone Pledge” to stop people from texting and driving. What is she smoking? She wants a public awareness campaign against what is essentially free speech. I’m lost on that one. It’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Hanson did say something I agreed with. “I think she apologized because she got caught,” she told CNN. Now THAT is true. I still don’t think that Dr. Laura is a racist, but she’s a woman of substantial media clout. Lots of employees, stations and advertisers depend on her. At that level, she always has people in her ear about right/wrong.

I’m glad “Jade” came out of the shadows. Maybe she’ll learn how to seek advice from some REAL people and not a media outlet for issues that serious. Damn .. smh!

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