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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Carl Paladino, NY Gubernatorial Candidate, Shows His Ass Already

| On 16, Sep 2010

The voters of New York need to beware of their ballots on November 2.

The primary election this past Tuesday lifted Carl Paladino as the GOP’s nominee for governor against Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who is currently the state’s attorney general.

Let me just say it flat-out … Carl Paladino is acting like an unforgiving asshole!

In an interview on Wednesday on Rick’s List on CNN (see above clip), Paladino really let his true colors out. Besides arguing with Rick Sanchez, the candidate took an equally harsh tone against the Muslims planning to build the mosque near Ground Zero.

This is where he really lost me. Paladino wants to use eminent domain to stop the building of the Ground Zero mosque the day he takes office as governor, should he win. He doesn’t want to take the property outright, but rather create restrictions on how the property can be used. This will basically tell the builders that they can use it for anything OTHER THAN a mosque.

It’s a shitty policy and plan, I know. I don’t agree with it.

The plan flies in the face of freedom of religion in the Constitution. It says that his personal feelings trump Constitutional rights any day of the week. Paladino says he is not “politically correct,” nor will he ever be, on issues like that. He doesn’t want the mosque and dammit he’s not going to have it. *side-eye*

So, Paladino tends to take an angry tone with a lot of issues. He keeps a pit bull in his office. He checked Rick Sanchez on air. In a separate interview, he said he is going to “take a baseball bat to Albany” when he gets elected. Really Carl? I’ve heard of “change you can believe in,” but Ike Turner style? I can’t support it.

New Yorkers, you can thank the Tea Party for this great primary victory. They rally for fringe candidates like this to get elected. Now it’s up to you all to decide on November 2 if you want your Babe Ruth governor carrying eminent domain in his back pocket.

Please make an INFORMED decision, people!

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