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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Cast Your Ballot Today!

| On 02, Nov 2010

Today is the big day! Block off some time on your schedule to head to the polls and VOTE!

If you’re anywhere near a computer or television today, there are a million reminders to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE today!

Well, here’s your 1,000,001st reminder. Please make sure you vote, help others vote, remind people to vote, etc. You may not agree with the system, but your votes can work to change it.

Many of our readers are engaged at some level of the political process, even if it’s just through voting. But, there are some out there who have forgotten the road we’ve come to get here. Many of our ancestors (minorities and women) died for today’s opportunity. Today you can honor their commitment, their struggle, and their sacrifices.

I have a message for all those who refuse to vote today because the system isn’t to your liking. Think of all the other things you vote for everyday that aren’t to your liking. Everyday you say “YES” to unhealthy relationships, stressful jobs, addictions, bad attitudes, or poor health, to name a few. So, get up off your ass and say “YES” to some change in our political process.


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