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Census Workers Getting Ass-Beatings On The Clock?!

| On 28, Jun 2010

This sign WILL NOT keep Census workers off of your property. Be ye warned.

I had to stop dead in my tracks after reading this article!!

The Washington Post ran a VERY interesting story about a forgotten segment of our employed population, the Census workers. Well, it seems that they’ve been catching hell on their jobs in the past couple of months as they try to count as many warm bodies as possible for the government.

As you know, if you didn’t mail in your Census form by late March, someone may be visiting you at home to ask a few quick questions so you and your family can be counted.  Very simple and discreet.  Just answer the easy questions and they keep going.  All they are trying to do is count the amount of people in your home.

Americans haven’t been as friendly this time around with all the layoffs, government intrusion, partisan politics, etc. Complaints have been rolling in of violence  – including shootings (one was fatal in Baltimore), objects thrown, animal attacks, yard tool attacks, and even a report of a woman almost dragged into a man’s home.  A man in Marion, Ohio attacked a Census worker with a baseball bat.  Another worker was threatened with a crossbow in Northern California!  Are we now Johnny Appleseed in 1772 .. a CROSSBOW?!  W-T-F is America doing in her spare time?!!

It’s time to pipe down people.  Everyone doesn’t agree with Obama’s policies and that’s fine.  But to attack
Census workers is way out of line.  By law, they aren’t allowed to carry weapons.  That’s like putting a big “Whip My Ass” sign on their foreheads.  No trespassing signs don’t apply to Census workers, so putting up those signs is pointless.

The government seriously needs to explore the law again that prevents them from protecting themselves. How crazy is that?! People are trying to work and make an honest living and you let your pit bull EAT them? Not fair!

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