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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Chastity-Loving Christine O’Donnell Wins Delaware Senate Primary

| On 14, Sep 2010

Christine shows her Oprah "You get a car!" face on the Delaware primary night.

One of the top stories of the Tuesday primaries is the Tea Party victory in the Delaware Senate race.

Come-from-behind candidate Christine O’Donnell beat the establishment GOP candidate, Rep. Mike Castle, in the state’s primary race with 53% of the GOP vote. Castle is currently a nine-term member of the House of Representatives and only got 47% of the vote.

This race is shocking for a couple of reasons. First of all, many of you may have read my post last Tuesday about “Chastity Christine” and her public views that pornography and masturbation in a marriage are wrong. She’s a big proponent of abstinence and damn near chastity for young people, as well. I know a lot of you threw Chrissy an immediate side-eye.

Second, since when are Tea Party candidates just all-out upsetting standard GOP favorites? Wow. The GOP is pissed off about this one, though. The state’s GOP said Tuesday night that they are NOT supporting O’Donnell, despite her win. They take serious issue with some claims that she spent campaign funds to pay her rent and other issues.

O’Donnell can thank former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for the major endorsement she provided to the campaign. Looking at O’Donnell more and more, she’s Sarah Palin-lite (minus the abstinence part, of course, lol). I’m not quite sure that abstinence message made it all the way to Palin’s house. *side-eye*

Anyway, the Democrats are excited about O’Donnell’s win in the primary. Now they are ready to spank that ass publicly in the general election. She will face Chris Coons on the November 2 ballot.

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