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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Says No to Re-Election

| On 07, Sep 2010

Richard M. Daley will FINALLY give up the iron fist of power in Chicago in 2011. 'Bout damn time!

I’m sure there are a few of my Chicago readers who are doing cartwheels right now at work.

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley announced publicly today that he will NOT seek re-election in 2011. He has been mayor of the city since April 1989.

For some reason, I thought he had been mayor, left, and came back. But nope, he’s been there for 21 years now. Damn, that’s a long time! Is Chicago under some type of Castro-like dictatorship that I missed out on?? I guess I confused him and his dad, Richard J. Daley, who also served as mayor for 21 years from 1955-1976.

Daley says that he has been contemplating a step away from Chicago City Hall for months now. But, I’m sure the city’s ridiculous crime rate, his low approval ratings, and residents SICK of looking at that man for a CENTURY now have all contributed to his decision.

Now a few aldermen (council members) in the city are shopping themselves around as candidates. There are also talks of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel interested in the job as well. For some strange reason, none of them were willing to run against Daley until the office became open.

I’m smelling “Fidel Castro Lite” going on up in here! [side-eye at Chicago]

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