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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Chickens for Healthcare? The Nevada Debate Rages On..

| On 22, Apr 2010

Does she really want me to bring a Popeyes 3-pc and a biscuit to the doctor's office for payment? HOL!!!

To think that all these months I just knew the GOP had no plan for healthcare reform, or at least not one anyone would really want.  Boy, was I wrong! 

Out in Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) is facing a challenger for his seat by the name of Sue Lowden. She is hellbent on capitalizing on Reid’s chances of losing the seat because of healthcare and a growing distrust of Democratic lawmakers in the state.  The Tea Party isn’t helping matters much for Reid either.

Sue seems to have a few ideas she would like to contribute to the healthcare debate.  I’m not kidding when I say this, but she wants to return to the barter system that our grandparents and great-grandparents used to get care back in the day.

Yes, this lady opened her mouth to suggest that in 2010 – the era of iPhones, jump drives, Macbooks, T1, LAN connections, email, podcasts, iTunes – that we go BACK to the barter system.  What’s her suggestion?  Like our grandparents (in her example), she says “bring a chicken to the doctor.” Or someone could paint the doctors house?

I stopped by my doctor’s office yesterday to complete some paperwork.  He was overloaded with patients.  I’m not quite seeing how bringing a bloody (or even fried) chicken to his office would help matters much.  He needs MONEY to live on.  That doesn’t give him a green light to gouge his patients, but can the man see a couple of $100 bills every now and again?  Jesus…  Does that mean that we can offer food and random services to the insurance companies instead of the cold hard cash they are always looking for?

So, of course the Democrats WENT IN on Sue-Sue today.  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) set up a website called “Chickens for Checkups” where you can send Sue a form letter to ask her how to barter for specific services. It’s actually kind of funny and shows that someone has a lot of time on their hands.

Sue’s blames Harry Reid’s “failed leadership” as the cause of why we may have to trade a cow for a root canal soon.  Stupidity, I tell ya…

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