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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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China Warns U.S. Not to Throw Stones From Their Glass House

| On 12, Mar 2010

China is trying to put the U.S. in its place as "human rights watchdog." LOL!

China and the U.S. are at their bickering again. The Chinese have pulled out the mirror and shined the light on the U.S. and a few areas we need to clean up.  This time they are making some valid and strong points.

It started with the U.S. Department of State releasing its report about global human rights abusers.  For 2009, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and Myanmar were listed as the worse nations for these offenses.  The report really struck a chord with China who, like every year, issued their own report about human rights.

Here’s a few areas of human rights and other issues that the Chinese had to check the U.S. on:

  • Meddling in other countries affairs and disguising it as human rights. Anyone heard of Iraq and weapons of mass destruction?  We are starting to go down that road with Iran, but we really don’t want to mess with them.
  • The subprime mortgage catastrophe that started the global financial crisis. They got us on this one.  With as many people that have gone homeless, bankrupt, or unemployed because of this mess, the U.S. should be ashamed at the lack of industry regulation that helped fuel the problem.
  • Eavesdropping and wiretapping of U.S. citizens. China 3, United States 0.  This was the dumbest thing to do because it yielded NOTHING.  What did they think the “terrorists” were going to do .. use their mobile to mobile minutes to talk to U.S. citizens about the next attack?  This was just a way to keep track of us and keep the fear going that sold the wars.
  • Widespread violent crimes. I could list any major city next to this one and it fits the bill.  Gun laws are too lenient and everyday on any channel we hear about senseless crimes.  Nowadays, we get scenes like Virginia Tech, the D.C. sniper, and Columbine.  Really tragic…
  • Abuses of power from law enforcement officials. I’m not exactly sure where they were going with this one.  But, I would expand it to included elected officials.  Seen Congress lately?

Now, don’t get me wrong … China does violate human rights REGULARLY!  Lack of Internet freedom, issues with Taiwan and Tibet and ethnic minorities in Western China, trade issues, pollution, and currency fixing are just a few things going on over there.  The Chinese control their people by force, which as a sovereign nation you can say they have a “right” to do that.  Whatever.  China, from what I’ve seen, will NEVER be a poster child for anyone’s human rights example.

I just needed to point out how accurate China was in getting the U.S. together to look at the “people in the mirror!”  Like the saying goes, “Those is glass houses should not throw stones.”

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