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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Christine O’Donnell Used Campaign as Her Personal ATM

| On 25, Oct 2010

Christine O'Donnell has been acting like her campaign account is freakin' Wells Fargo. What the hell?!

This story is not new, but we finally have somewhat of a confirmation.

Christine O’Donnell, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware and Tea Party doll, has admitted (in a sense) that she used campaign contributions to pay her monthly bills.

The candidate admitted back in March that campaign money had helped to keep the lights on in her Delaware townhouse. Her excuse was that the residence served a dual purpose as a campaign headquarters. O’Donnell said (through her lawyers) that the Federal Election Commission approved her monetary arrangement in advance.

O’Donnell’s money has been the chatter of the Internet this year. She basically claims she is flat broke, living on savings, and has sold most of her personal possessions. On her 2009 taxes, she claims to have made only $5,800 for the whole year.

I’m not doubting that she only made that amount of money. But, unless she is selling her ass on the side, I don’t see a grown woman only making $5,800/year and surviving without some OTHER source of income. LIFE IS EXPENSIVE!! Seems like the campaign account is the likely culprit.

It’s not clear if there will be any action against her for the piss-poor accounting. FEC rules do state that candidates may NOT use campaign funds for personal use. So, we’ll wait to see what the FEC says about this “deal” she and her team made. Hmmm..

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