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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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C-SPAN Caller Says ‘Colored People’ Receive ‘Free Everything’

| On 04, Oct 2010

The gate has been left wide the hell open AGAIN on C-SPAN!

A racist caller made it through the call screening filter on the network’s Washington Journal program. The host, Robb Harleston, who is black, took a call from a 90-year-old woman who got right to the point with her question:

CALLER: I’m 90 years old and I just wanted to ask the colored man, why don’t colored people instead of saying what we did to them, why don’t they say what we did for them? They talk about the slavery but since then they have been given welfare, free medicine, free everything.

HARLESTON: Ma’am I think this is more of a conversation about the relationship between the administration and the people on Wall Street and not necessarily one that’s based on race.

CALLER: Oh, okay. I’m not a racist. That was my comment. Thank you.

Wow! Really lady? What world is this old ass bitty living in? “What we did FOR them?” Are black people some type of breed of house pet now? Has this lady not been exposed to any diversity at all? She sounds a whole lot like the C-SPAN caller in March who said the network should be called “Black Span” because of the ethnicity of its callers. [Still smh at that one.]

And when did ‘colored’ people start getting free medicine?! I damn sure missed that memo. If it’s true, I need to sign on that dotted line ASAP. Last time I checked, my health insurance company has their hand in my face looking for their premium EVERY month!

This lady just needs to have an IMMEDIATE SEAT, turn off that damn TV, and go outside and mingle with some real ‘colored’ people instead of trying to belittle the C-SPAN host she watches all day long.

[Thanks to Crooks & Liars for the tip.]

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