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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Congress, Quit Your B*tchin’ and Get to Work!

| On 10, Feb 2010

The House and Senate plan for 2010 - if we stay on this course.

Recent polls of American voters have strong sentiments about the work product of Congress and the Obama Administration.  The public is pissed off with the back and forth bickering and wants to see some stuff checked off of the nation’s to-do list!

To you and I reading this, this is one big game of STATE THE OBVIOUS!  When translated into English, Washington, D.C. means, “I’m out on a two, four, or six-year cigarette break.” But, now the public opinion really reflects it.  Here’s a breakdown of some figures from the latest Washington Post – ABC News poll:

  • Six out of 10 people think Republicans are stalling like hell to block Obama’s initiatives.
  • Almost half of the people polled think that Obama isn’t laying down and rolling over (like Bo) to work with the GOP.
  • 63 percent want to push for some type of healthcare reform.  We’re not getting any younger, people!
  • 57 percent of Americans are happy the Democrats lost their Senate majority.  I guess they thought both parties would magically work together.  Hmm…

I hate to throw gasoline on the fire, but it’s an election year. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.  Voters are only going to see so much “bipartisanship” and real steps toward tackling the major issues.  Many of the Congressional folks only care about being re-elected.  So, real WORK is not high on their priority list.    Just write your Congressional rep and remind them to get to work or become unemployed!

You can read the latest about Obama’s bipartisan outreach efforts here.

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