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Congress Keeps Its Shitty Approval Ratings

| On 16, Dec 2010

The American people think that not a damn thing is getting done in the halls of the U.S. Capitol. On some levels, they are correct.

Gallup released its polling numbers yesterday for Congress. Each of the 535 members should get a lump of coal in their holiday stocking this year.

The research showed that Congress got a measly 13% approval rating, the lowest in Gallup’s 30 years of tracking. In the survey, 83 percent of respondents said that they were unhappy with Congress. This disapproval can take on many forms – anger about legislation, the legislators themselves, or the sheer hypocrisy on Capitol Hill.

I will say that Congress has been working diligently over the lame-duck session to get a few last minute items accomplished. But, there are two YEARS, not two WEEKS, to each session of Congress. The 111th Congress, especially the Senate, has taken its sweet time getting a lot of stuff done.

The House has passed a lot of legislation over the past two years, but the Senate either blocked or didn’t act on it. Even the president has complained that the Senate has been lax in getting his federal appointees cleared for duty. All of this inaction has turned Congress into somewhat of a parody.

I don’t expect things to change drastically for the 112th Congress. These approval numbers have been scraping the ground since President Bush’s second term. Until people start to see some real change in their lives and this economy, they will keep hammering Congress about a job NOT done!

Note: The Gallup poll was taken on December 10-12. They randomly surveyed 1,019 adults, ages 18+, who lived in the continental U.S.

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