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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Congress: We Want You … TO DO SOME WORK!!!

| On 12, Jan 2010

Capitol Hill .. "You have slacked long enough!"

**This is an All Points Bulletin to the 535 Congressional representatives across the United States.** As you come back to work today and throughout next week, we, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, expect you to work!! It’s a strange concept for some, but we gotta make it happen, Captain.

“Let the record show…” that all of you have constituents with NO JOBS, NO HEALTHCARE, FORECLOSED HOMES, HIGH GAS PRICES, and a laundry list of other issues.  The least you can do Sir/Madame is take your a$$ to work — for your free healthcare, cushy office, Congressional aides, pages, and a vacation schedule (see pg. 3) that makes George W. Bush look like an overachiever.  ::smdh::

In case you got really drunk in your New Year’s celebration, I kept a little list of things you can get to right away as you dust off that Capitol Hill power suit, blouse and pump set:

1. Healthcare – Give me a public option.  I’m poor.  It’s a health risk for me to (continue to) dance for tips on the pole to pay my healthcare premiums.

2. Recession – Barack didn’t create it.  Try going after Wall Street instead of punishing Main Street.  They sowed the seeds for this in the late 90’s with little regulation.

3. Oil prices – Try some solar power and renewable sources.  You keep complaining about the Middle East.  Yemen, the training ground for the almost Christmas bomber, is on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.  Heard of it?  It’s only the MOTHERSHIP for foreign oil.

4. War – Stop it.  We didn’t ask for it in the first place.  Oh yeah, we can’t AFFORD it anyway.

5. Jobs – We need them.  National infrastructure (coast-to-coast rail, light rail, greenspace) is a good first step, since you all love to spend money that’s not yours anyway.

So Senators, quit your bitchin’ about having to work on Christmas Eve to vote on the healthcare bill.  There were some in your district/state that would have killed for that one day of income to put presents under the tree for their kids.  House members, the same goes for you.  The general sentiment is that you don’t do any real work.  How about fighting a real fight for keeping the public option in the final healthcare bill, then come see me?!?!

PJM readers … the House comes back from the holiday break today, Tuesday, January 12.  The Senate will be back in session on Tuesday, January 19.  So now is the time to keep up with your Congressional representatives!   You can either go to or and search based on your area.

Better yet, give ’em a call!  The Congressional switchboard operator would love to connect you to your Senator or Representative at (202) 224-3121.  Just be sure to call when she’s NOT taking a ciggy break, doughnut run, two-hour lunch, or stuck in the bathroom changing into her club clothes on a Friday afternoon!

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