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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Conservative Pundits Demonize An 11-Year-Old Boy

| On 19, Mar 2010

Yes, you read correctly!  Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are now making an 11-year-old the hate target in the healthcare fight. Watch the clip above to see how low people have sunk.

Marcelus Owens of Washington state came in the spotlight when Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) referenced his story at the healthcare roundtable discussion and on the Senate floor a few weeks ago.  His mother, Tiffany Owens, got sick, lost her job and health insurance, and died in 2007. She had a rare condition called pulmonary hypertension that requires treatments that can cost up to $100,000 each.  She did not qualify for the state’s Medicaid program.  Another healthcare program aimed at Washington’s working poor has a 100,000 person waitlist.  It is unknown whether health coverage would have saved Tiffany’s life, though.

Well, Glenn, Rush, and Michelle are none too happy about someone putting a real face on this healthcare crisis.  They are saying that he is a pawn for Democrats and Obamacare, even going as far as calling him a “kiddie shield” for the Left.

“My mother always taught me they can have their own opinion but that doesn’t mean they are right,” Marcellus said in response to the attacks. Wow!  Thank you Marcelus for showing these ADULTS how to carry yourself in the face of adversity and disagreement!! This boy should be on the playground having fun.  But instead, he’s got grown-ass men and women calling him names in the media after HIS mother died.  This makes absolutely no sense!  And he has every right as a citizen of this country to share his story with lawmakers and the general public.

This just shows how low this healthcare debate has gone.  I mean, really.  An 11-year-old??  For Rush to say that his mom would’ve died anyway “because Obamacare doesn’t kick in until 2014,” damn, that’s below the belt.  Have some class, a heart, and some common sense people.  There are REAL PEOPLE in this country that need healthcare like last week!  They are not going away…

(Thanks to Jocelyn for the news tip).

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