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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Consumer Protest in Target (and Best Buy) Anti-Gay Fiasco

| On 02, Aug 2010

The above clip is from a former Target customer who is protesting the company’s $150,000 donation to MN Forward.  The group supports Tom Emmer, a candidate for Minnesota governor who has strong anti-gay views. Apparently, from her interview in the clip, her son is gay.

It was revealed last week that both Target and Best Buy together donated $250,000 to MN Forward. The group describes itself as pro-business. However, their support of Emmer has linked them to another group that calls for death and violence toward gay people. Think of it as “guilty by association.”

The move by both companies is surprising considering their record with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a major pro-gay organization. They have each scored 100 on the Corporate Equality index, the highest marks available to describe a company’s commitment to its LGBT workforce and consumers. Hmm .. doesn’t look like they’ll be making those marks again in the near future.

Now that both companies pissed off HRC, the gay rights group took to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Sunday to get their point across. They asked that Target and Best Buy donate funds to pro-equality candidates, seemingly in a move to lessen the blow.

There’s a fine line here when thinking about Target and Best Buy should have acted. They owe it to their record of equality to be fair to their consumers. But, they are also private companies that are able to donate to any cause of their choosing. Still, the causes (in my opinion) should never support violence toward any group of people.

Long story short, they should think before they act! Duh..

Sidenote: Though Best Buy donated $100,000 to MN Forward, the clip only focuses on Target, since that’s where this particular customer was shopping.

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