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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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CT-Sen Candidate Wants to LOWER the Minimum Wage .. WTF?

| On 02, Oct 2010

If you make minimum wage, CT-Senate candidate Linda McMahon is trying to dip into your paycheck!

Well, here’s a bit of news to further piss you off with “lawmakers.”

In Connecticut, the Republican Senate candidate, Linda McMahon, says that if elected we need to review the federal minimum wage. And she means “review” as in it may be a little too HIGH.

[record scratches] HUH?! Is she serious???

McMahon, a former CEO at World Wrestling Entertainment, made her comments at a recent press conference. She was unfamiliar with the amount of the current minimum wage ($7.25/hour) or if any of her former employees were paid that amount. Here’s McMahon’s actual statement:

“The minimum wage now in our country, I think we’ve set that, so there are a lot of people have benefited from it in our country, but I think we ought to review how much it ought to be, and whether or not we ought to have increases in the minimum wage,” McMahon said.

Has this woman not been grocery shopping or paid some bills lately? Damn! You can’t go to Aldi or Big Lots with a minimum wage check these days. You need to have an extra gig sliding down someone’s pole just to keep the lights on! This immediately tells me she’s FAR out of touch with the realities of some in America.

I don’t understand what the point of lowering the minimum wage is. How can you RUN for office on that platform? People on minimum wage make up just less than five percent of the workforce, according to the Department of Labor.

At the rate we’re going, no one just happens to work their way up out of minimum wage to become a CEO like her. Hell, GAS costs to much just by itself. We dare not add a mortgage, utilities, and a few supplies to wash your ass. That’s killing most low-income workers before they can even think about saving, investing, or getting ahead.

People of Connecticut … This could be YOUR next Senator! THINK. BEFORE. YOU. VOTE. *side-eye*

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