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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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D.C. Voters Give Mayor Adrian Fenty a Reality Check

| On 16, Sep 2010

D.C. residents spanked Mayor Adrian Fenty at the polls. He's out of a job as of January 2011.

My grandparents used to say, “A hard head makes a soft ass..” Well, it seems that the voters in the nation’s capital think the same thing.

This past Tuesday, primary election fever swept over Washington, D.C. Up to bat was current District mayor Adrian Fenty against D.C. Council chairman Vincent Gray. In the end, the District will most likely welcome their new mayor, Vincent Gray, in November. He beat Fenty with a 54% to 44% vote tally. Gray must still be elected in November, though he has no Republican challenger.

Mind you, Adrian Fenty is the incumbent mayor. So, you ask why he got his ass handed to him by the D.C. Council chairman? It’s easy. HIS EGO!

From my understanding, in a nutshell, Fenty was too cocky and arrogant when it came to the needs of District residents, particularly blacks. They felt left out of the decision-making process.

Mayor Fenty followed his instincts on a lot of issues, even when his team told him earlier this year that voters were pissed off with him. He wouldn’t even listen to the outside polls saying that his leadership style and campaign were failing. So, it seems as if he FELT that he would win re-election. Not quite so.

Another thing that pissed voters off was Fenty’s appointment of D.C. School Chancellor, Michelle Rhee. She cleaned house of a lot of seemingly under-performing teachers and principals in a radical overhaul of District schools. So, the teachers union and many pissed off parents threw their support behind Gray for mayor. It’s unclear at this point if Rhee will have a job when Gray is formally elected mayor in November.

Fenty was (and probably still is) a rising star in politics. He was the youngest person to ever be elected mayor of D.C. He’s definitely got some good years ahead of him. But, it would be wise for him to sit down and take a hard look at his campaign and leadership styles. I don’t think the D.C. residents were really feeling that “tyrant spirit” that was coming from him.

Better luck next time!

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