Damn! Can The First Lady Live?!

| On 09, Aug 2010

Michelle Obama rocks an off-the-shoulder Jean Paul Gaultier number much to the chagrin of CONSERVATIVE PUNDITS! smh..

The news outlets and blogs are all abuzz about First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent trip to Spain with her daughter Sasha.

Two of the Obama family members landed in Spain for five days of rest and relaxation. The White House is saying that the trip was planned as a getaway with Dr. Anita Blanchard, a FLOTUS friend who recently lost her father, and some other close friends. Completely understandable to me. Plus, like every other American family, the First Lady is free to vacation where she pleases.

Not all of the coverage, though, has been positive about Mrs. Obama’s recent mini-vacation. The cost seemed to be the primary concern despite the First Lady and her guests financing pretty much everything except the security. Of course, Secret Service was present and it’s estimated that the round trip flight/staffing cost $148,000 – at the taxpayers’ expense. Remember that Mrs. Obama would still receive Secret Service protection and be raking up a bill whether she was in Washington, Cancun or Nutbush, Tennessee. The Secret Service protection is allocated for in the annual budget.

Critics have said the trip reeks of elitism with a First Lady traversing through Spain with unemployment stuck at 9.5% (as of this week). Is Mrs. Obama just supposed to stop living her life and exposing her children to the world because of the economy?

FOX News’ Sean Hannity even went as far as to reference the expensive Jean Paul Gaultier blouse FLOTUS wore on her trip as a sign of a disconnection from reality. Huh? Mi-Mi has money and she likes fashion.  AND SHE PAID FOR IT!

I just wish people would leave the First Lady alone. Damn! Is this a slow news week or what? People harp on them for going on vacation UNTIL they said they were going to Florida (next week) to support the Gulf Coast. But, doesn’t that cost the taxpayer money too with .. ahem .. Secret Service protection? ::smh::

It would be nice to see people this concerned about healthcare, real causes of unemployment, the environment, and other meaningful issues – not a personal trip of the First Lady who is a private citizen.

LET THAT WOMAN LIVE HER LIFE!!!! Y’all already attack her man on a daily basis. Now you’re going to try to get her and the kids too? Get a life…

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