DEA to Applicants: Aye Yo Son, Da Feds Need Some Ebonics Up In Here

| On 25, Aug 2010

The DEA is looking for some folks that speak fluent .. umm .. Atlanta (West End), Miami, Mississippi, and New Orleans (the whole city) - i.e., Ebonics.

This is when “keepin’ it 100” will actually get you FULLY employed! Hey, we all gotta work, don’t we?

Well, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is looking to fill nine positions for EBONICS translators in the fight against drug trafficking. No, that’s not a typo on my part, so get your laugh out now.

The openings are in the Southeast, from Louisiana to Florida and into the Caribbean. The DEA works in 114 languages and dialects, so they are very serious about finding Ebonics-speaking candidates. They would listen to wiretaps, translate, and testify in court, if needed.

“So if you be wantin’ a job up in this piece, you betta get on da computer and go to dey website for da app. Tell da homies about it too. All you gotta do wit dem is act like da Feds, listen to da taps, and snitch out a few folks. You do gotta know da drug terms like weed, blow, and ish like that.”  [added for emphasis .. lol]

To most people this makes sense because .. duh .. if the accused are speaking in a dialect that authorities don’t understand, then of course you want to know what they are saying. Others are saying that it exploits urban culture because ebonics is looked down upon.

WHATEVER! I say if you’ve got the qualifications, then apply. That’s like saying you don’t need Spanish-speaking people to fight the drug war on the southern U.S. border or no Arabic speakers in the Middle East. You do. It makes common sense.

The job posting just makes for a hilarious news story!

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