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Dear Massachusetts: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

| On 20, Jan 2010

Scott Brown and his supporters celebrate, and America cries, at his victory.

Dear Massachusetts Voters,

Have you lost your minds?!?!

We finally get a Democratic filibuster-proof majority in 2008/2009, and you go and ruin it.  I give Americans free reign to vote for whom you wish, but can you make informed decisions, please?  Since you let your State Senator, Scott Brown (R), capture the late Ted Kennedy’s old seat, things are probably going to change for the worse in the U.S. Senate.  Mind you, this is the most important legislative body to get some type of healthcare, clean air, jobs, and financial regulation up in here!

Let me recap this since many of the Mass. voters got amnesia at the touch-screen voting booth:

  • We have a Democratic president who is trying to CHANGE the way America does business for its citizens.  You damn near pushed us back to the Bush/Cheney days.
  • Scott Brown won because he directly opposed Kennedy’s healthcare legislation.  He and the Republicans want to keep lining the pockets of big pharma and the insurance companies.  You all must love high-a$$ healthcare premiums for the rest of us.
  • You also elected Brown as a response to your state’s high unemployment.  Massachusetts must be a fun place to sit at home and not work!  Trust me, some of you won’t be ironing your work blouses and power suits for quite a while because Republicans DO NOT create jobs.  Do they outsource jobs?  Yes! ….  Create them??  Negative!  Does Detroit, Michigan ring a bell???  It’s the poster child for outsourced American jobs.
  • There’s a lot of voter anger in Massachusetts, and rightfully so, at the state of the economy, etc.  But, remind me again where giving “the Party of No” MORE power in the Senate is going to HELP your problems?
  • Voters are so in love with someone they can “relate” to.  Damn that.  Scott Brown’s campaign slogan was, “I’m Scott Brown.  I’m from Wrentham.  And I drive a truck.” WTF???  I would hope so with all that damn snow in Massachusetts!  Tell me if his constituents in Massachusetts just DRIVE their trucks or LIVE IN THEM because healthcare costs have bankrupted them.
  • I do applaud Scott for his 1982 semi-nude spread in Cosmopolitan magazine.  He set the stage for what many of you should be doing.  You might wanna dust off that strapless stiletto so you can shake, shimmy, and dance to feed your kids and pay for healthcare.  ::smh::

So, I speak on behalf of at least some of my readers in turning a national SIDE-EYE to Massachusetts!  You did to us what Ohio did in 2004 by putting The (Un)Decider back in office.  (I’m still pissed about that!)



P.S. – Here’s an additional article about the Brown victory from today’s Washington Post.  🙁

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