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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Delusional Palin Tries to Backhand Obama

| On 08, Feb 2010

The evil, Bic-stained hand, of Palin tries desperately to remember her FOX News talking points - "Energy, budget cuts, tax, and lift American spirits." And no, I'm not kidding.

Sarah Palin really showed her natural a$$ at the Tea Party Convention speech on Saturday!

Despite the fact that she reading notes from her HAND (and see photo above) during the post-speech Q&A, but Palin also found it necessary to go straight for President Obama.  It fits right into the FOX News 24-hour talking point of “It’s all Obama’s fault…”  So, Caribou Barbie was really feeling herself and her 40 minutes in the televised limelight.

Palin took issue with the Obama and the Democrats handling on a range of issues – the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, and big bailouts.  I respect anyone’s right to disagree with this president because I have my own grievances as well.  But when this bitty says, “To win that war, we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor,” now Houston WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!  And it gets better.  The moderator went on to mention the possibility of a “President Palin” in 2012.  Let me pack my bags for life in Canada right NOW!!

Let the record show.  This “professor’s” resume runs circles on its worst day around her media-coached, notecard-studying, no newspaper reading, moose-shooting CALAMITY of a thrown together Post-It note of “experience.”  How do you QUIT YOUR JOB as governor of Alaska and have the nerve to attack someone who punches the federal time clock EVERYDAY??? He was a constitutional law scholar and could probably recite the document in his sleep!  Sarah got choked up when Katie Couric asked her what newspapers she read.  How basic!

Palin just needs to keep it real!  She quit her job so the Republican establishment and corporations (i.e., FOX News) could PIMP her on the national stage. Since some of their supporters are not the most well-researched, her handlers actually believe that she’s a strong enough candidate that she could carry an Executive office on a federal level.  Give me a damn break!

This puppet will do well to get on the tour list for the White House tour!!  That’s about as close as she ever needs to be to the Oval Office!  Maybe then, she won’t have to remember so much – like coloring inside the lines, taking a nap at noon, or spelling her name without notes on her hand.

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