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Desiree Rogers Speaks to CNN About New Post

| On 17, Aug 2010

Johnson Publishing Company’s new CEO, Desiree Rogers, recently spoke with CNN about her position, the Obamas, and some of her goals for the iconic African-American media company.

In this brief interview, Rogers comes off as nothing less than poised, smart, and all about the task at hand. In her new role, she will focus on revamping the Ebony and Jet magazines/websites and creating a renewed interest in Fashion Fair cosmetics, another Johnson brand.

It’s good to hear Rogers in her own words, speaking highly of the Obamas, and obviously PAST the gate-crasher incident.


Sidenote: Now what I REALLY need for her to do is hire an interior designer to change those GOD’AWFUL decorations throughout the office. It’s so weird to see an iMac sitting in a room stuck in 1972. I know Nate Berkus is going to jump out of an open window if he sees this clip.

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