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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Dr. Laura Throws The Deuces To Her Radio Show

| On 18, Aug 2010

Dr. Laura claims she is not renewing her contract at the end of 2010 so she can have a BIGGER voice for her ideals. Sh*ttin me...

Dr. Laura was on Larry King Live on Tuesday night to talk briefly about last week’s “N-word” incident.

She couldn’t have been on there for 10-15 minutes in total. La-La said her peace and quickly got off air. Well, she also dropped a semi-bomb on her fans by announcing that she would not renew the contract for her talk radio show at the end of 2010. ::breathes sigh of relief::

That’s the part where the record scratched for me and the room went silent. Huh?! SHE’S QUITTING?!  La-La then went into saying that she felt that after all these years her First Amendment rights were being silenced. She referenced all of the sponsors and affiliates that have been threatened because of their ongoing support of her show after her tirade. Then she cited special interest groups like Media Matters for America that she claims are trying to “eliminate her voice.” That’s a damn lie.

Larry asked what I wanted to know. Why would she quit her show that provides her one of the largest vehicles to say the things that are on her mind? She cited the First Amendment again. In so many words she implied ‘If I can’t say what I really want on this mutha … then I’m not saying anything at all!” La-La claims that she is moving toward more Internet-based media and book writing, which are other areas of success for her too.

I just don’t get her logic behind leaving the show. I think she has a right to voice her opinion like everyone else. I heard the clip and she did not call anyone the N-word. She referenced a situation where she heard others use the word and repeated it much more than needed. She claimed she apologized within 24 hours before the clip was even at a national buzz and still maintains that apology.

In her eyes, people attempting to “silence her voice” weighed in heavily in her decision. But hell, it wasn’t like she was loved like Oprah before! People have LONG been wanting to silence her voice. Why quit now? She has 17 successful years under her belt as one of the top radio personalities. Even she said they just added five new affiliates to broadcast the show in the past month.

Once she started talking about the First Amendment, I totally gave up hope on finding the real reason she’s leaving the show. It just looked like a sad cop-out. Somebody didn’t agree with her, they put her on blast, and beat her at her own media game.

As a result, La-La is simply seeking refuge in a place where she barely has to have any accountability at all. I guess those are the venues where she can find 100% agreement with her skewed and limited thinking. My mother used to call that a ‘poor sport.” I agree.

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