Drama For Your Mama In the South Carolina Gubernatorial Race

| On 25, May 2010

Was the SC gubernatorial candidate creepin', sleepin' and cheatin' around with a blogger??

Here’s a PSA to elected officials and those running for office in South Carolina: STOP WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD!  You’re making your state and its people look worse by the day.

Gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Haley (R), had a pretty rough Monday, if you ask me. South Carolina blogger, Will Folks of FITSNews claims that he and Haley had an “inappropriate physical relationship” at certain points since 2005.  When the news broke on Folks’s blog, Haley immediately canceled her public appearance and issued a statement categorically denying the affair.  Of course, what else was she going to do?!

There’s a few problems with this. First, Haley has been married for 13 years and has two children.  Second, she is running on a family values platform and jump-offs don’t quite fit into that master plan.  Folks, on the other hand, is married now, but was not when the alleged affair took place.

Folks claims to have correspondence from November 2005 to May 2010 showing just how much in contact they had been.  The juiciest details haven’t been revealed, but the messages confirm they were at least in contact.

Claims of political backstabbing and under-handed politics are flying around this one.  Haley just knows that her political opponents are behind the claims.  If it’s true, Folks does have alleged messages on-hand and a very well-recognized statewide political blog at his fingertips.  This should be an interesting one…

Haley joins a list of disgraced, embarrassed, or scandalized South Carolina politicians. Last year, Governor Mark Sanford admitted that he had burned some frequent flyer miles to see his mistress in Argentina.  A crazy Tea Party rally last month had supporters threatening gun violence in Washington, D.C. and openly questioning the sexuality of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).  Also in April, the state’s Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer, said that “lazy people” are the cause of illegal immigration because they won’t do the work that immigrants will.

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