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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Energy Committee Head APOLOGIZES to BP For Money “Shakedown”

| On 18, Jun 2010

Everyday the oil spill unfortunately turns into another episode of Days of Our Lives…

Today’s high drama was fed by Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), who is the head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. In prepared remarks, he actually APOLOGIZED to BP for the “shakedown” of the $20 billion recovery fund.  He said he was “ashamed” of the White House for their hardcore meetings to made BP pay up.

Pump. The. Brakes. Did he just say that he was ashamed of the White House and called their tactics a shakedown?! Has he seen the water in the Gulf of Mexico yet?  Wow. He only claimed to speak for himself, but in this mega-crisis, NO ONE speaks for themselves.

Well, the GOP leadership jumped on that ass like white to rice. They threatened to take away his top leadership position today.  He was also forced to retract his prepared remarks in a statement.  But, it’s really “too little, too late.”

Let’s paint this picture. Barton is from a Gulf Coast state (Texas). He’s the HEAD of the Energy Committee that’s supposed to investigate the causes of this oil spill.  His party has jumped down the throats of this Administration for its handling of the crisis everyday since April.  Yet, he openly sides with the polluter because they were forced to pay up for their mismanagement?! He might as well wear a sign that says “KICK ME NOW.”

In short, he just poured gasoline over the heads of members of the Republican party. Now, with a strong and verbal GOP link to Big Oil, the Dems will strike the match to smoke the Republicans ASAP

Joe’s comments were so stupid, so utterly thoughtless, yet so from the heart. I knew the GOP was in BP’s crotch somehow!

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