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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Evil Dick Cheney Still On the Loose!

| On 15, Feb 2010

Dr. Claw strikes again...

I gave a major ::eyeroll:: yesterday when I found out that former veep, Dick Cheney, was making yet another round in the media to bash the Obama Administration.  He reminds me of Dr. Claw from “Inspector Gadget.”  He and Mad Cat are always up to some plot to foil Gadget.

Let me start by saying that Dick Cheney is entitled to whatever opinion he holds.  At the same time, WHY IN THE HELL IS HE STILL COMMENTING ON THIS ADMINISTRATION?? He appeared on ABC’s “This Week” yesterday.  At the same time, Vice President Joe Biden was on “Meet The Press” counterattacking Cheney.  It seems to me that Dick Cheney has more to say now in the past year than he did in all of the eight years of his VP term.  Where we you when we needed all of these explanations as this ISH was unfolding?  The truth is that Cheney ran that White House for eight years and now he feels like he has to defend the “Bush” record (i.e., his policies disguised as Bush decisions)!

If you haven’t noticed, his talking points have become so predictable.  The Evil One only talks about TERRORISM! And yes, we are at illegal and unnecessary war, but we also have other pressing items on the American agenda – like the economy, environment, trade, etc.

Cheney doesn’t really care about those issues because they help the American people.  His job is twofold.  First, he has to keep the sense of urgency around the “War on Terror” because it offers a direct financial benefit to a company he use to run (i.e., Halliburton).  Second, several war crimes were committed on his watch.  Now that he is out of office, he could (in theory) be prosecuted.  So, the American people still need to fear “the enemy” so that they won’t focus on the real problem – The Evil One.

Until Dick can offer some real solutions to problems, he is welcome to go back in his cave at any time.  Our eight years with him as our de facto leader was eight years too many!

Read Politico’s great in-depth story about the former VP here.

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