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Ex-Felon James Traficant Misses the Ohio Ballot

| On 07, Jul 2010

James Traficant in his glory years, fluffed wig and all. He's NOT coming to a ballot near you if you live in Ohio-17.

Here’s a shocker out of Youngstown, Ohio… ::side eye::

Former Congressman and ex-felon, James Traficant (D), has failed to make the ballot to run for the U.S. House of Representatives again in his Northeast Ohio 17th district.

Traficant needed 2,199 signatures to get on the November ballot.  But, oh no, Big Jamey does things his way or the highway in Youngstown!  He only came up with 2,092 valid signatures thus disqualifying him from running again, according to the Trumbull County Board of Elections.

He was looking to take back the seat that Rep. Tim Ryan has been keeping warm for him since he was sent to the slammer in 2002. Tim has actually had some success in his position, so I’m not sure how likely a win would’ve been for Traficant.

There are plans to appeal the ruling.  James must really want that old seat back, even after he threatened the IRS and wanted to repeal the 16th amendment.  (The legislation allows the federal government to levy income taxes without distributing it among the states).

As I was reading about Traficant, a big question hit me  in my spirit. How in the world can this man be CONVICTED of 10 FELONIES and still be able to get GAINFUL employment in these United States?! Anyone else with that long of a rap sheet might as well do bake sales for the rest of their lives because a 9-5 job ain’t happening!  Congressman Ryan, who Traficant is trying to unseat, makes $174,000/year, according to Who do YOU know with multiple felonies bringing in that kind of cash legally??  ::smdh::

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