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Five States Hit Housing Help Jackpot

| On 19, Feb 2010

Five states with high foreclosure rates will receive special federal funding to address the problem.

President Obama is out on the Vegas Strip today. And no, he’s not at the crap table (yet) or walking around the mall with a big ole’ margarita like I would be.

He is campaigning for Senator Harry Reid’s re-election and announcing housing help for five distressed states.  If you live in – California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, or Florida – then “Come on down!!  You’re the next contestant on The Price is Right!!” If you remember, Prune Juice Media reported a few weeks ago that mortgage help at the federal level is set to end on March 31.  These new funds are a way to plug some of the holes in specific states where foreclosures are bulldozing families left and right.

Here’s the catch.  There is no real “program” yet.  The states have to individually come up with tailored solutions for each state.  They can do whatever they want to help the crisis, but it has to address local issues.  That can be a good and bad thing.  On one hand, you have money going into local hands where it’s needed.  On the other hand, you have cities ::coughDetroitcough:: where they’ve damn-near rioted to get housing assistance.  I hope that the infrastructure will be in place (in all five states) to get people what they need ASAP!

We are again seeing more flashes of Candidate Obama – out front with the people, providing tangible solutions, and managing the message.  I expect we will see more assistance like this going directly in the hands of voters people, as this image continues to be crafted.  I like it.


P.S. – I wonder what Las Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman, had to say to Obama, since he had all that mouth a few weeks ago?  He said Obama didn’t care about tourism in Vegas, but now Obama announced a program to help with foreclosure that are rampant in his state.

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