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FLOTUS – “I’m Just a Girl from the South Side of Chicago..”

| On 03, Feb 2010

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No matter your politics, you gotta love Michelle Obama!

FLOTUS sat down with Matt Lauer of The Today Show recently for a one-on-one interview in the White House.  She touched on a few subjects, including her husband’s approval rating and the criticism that comes with being the First Family.

Riddle me this … Matty said that FLOTUS has a 70% approval rating, which is higher than where Laura Bush was after year one of the Bush 43’s term.  My question is, “How in the hell does 30% of the population NOT like Michelle Obama?” She’s not even an elected official.  I may not have agreed with Bush’s policies, but I didn’t take it out on La-La Bush!!  That was just weird to me.  She didn’t seem fazed as all, of course, but you know I had to be the one to point that out.

And why don’t I ever get called for polls like that???  I’m gonna give Mi-Mi Obama “10’s” all the way across the board!!!  Any lady who can support a man in power and hold down the household like she does gets much respect from me!


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