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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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FLOTUS to Kids: “Let’s Move” Back From the Table!

| On 10, Feb 2010

Michelle Obama tackles the baby fat...

Today marked a big day for First Lady, Michelle Obama.  She launched the much-hyped “Let’s Move” (see official website) initiative to combat childhood obesity. She even got her man, POTUS, on board as he signed an official memo establishing the first national task force on the issue.  Go Chelle!

Statistics show, however, that Mi-Mi & Co. are fighting an uphill battle.  Two-thirds of adults are considered obese with one-third of children joining them.  So, her initiative has four key areas of focus:

  • More nutrition information. Trans-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar are not as comforting as we think they are.
  • Increased physical activity. Running to the refrigerator should NOT be our only aerobic exercise!
  • Easier access to healthy foods. Can we get some carrots and a stalk of celery  in somebody’s drive-thru please??
  • Personal responsbility. If you’re like me, you hate going to the gym sometimes.  But, if we miss, we’re only cheating OURSELVES!  The weight is not going to magically fall off.

FLOTUS discussed a few items, including proposals to make beverage labeling easier to understand.  She also wants to re-authorize the Child Nutrition Act to make healthier school meals.  I really like the plan to target “food deserts” (read: not desserts) in urban areas.  Some areas don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables in their own neighborhood because they lack of full service grocery stores.  But, the gas stations and “convenience” stores carry a boatload of Colt 45 and Swisher Sweets all day long.  Malt liquor, chips, ciggys, and candy are NOT food groups!!  WTH??

Let’s get the kids moving, not for vanity, but literally for their lives!  As adults, we have to set good examples and not Biggie-size every plate of food we see!  Our kids deserve better.

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