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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Fmr. Social Secretary Desiree Rogers To Head Johnson Publishing Co.

| On 12, Aug 2010

Desiree Rogers has been named the new CEO of Johnson Publishing Company in Chicago.

Desiree Rogers, the former White House Social Secretary, has found one helluva new job since last fall.

She will head up Johnson Publishing Company, the largest African-American owned and operated media company in the U.S. The organization is based in Chicago. Her role as chief executive officer will allow her to oversee the day-to-day operations of the company – everything from the look of the publications, to business operations, etc. Rogers made it clear that she is not in charge of editorial content (though I’m sure she’ll hire/fire as needed).

Personally, I grew up reading both Ebony and Jet magazines, though I don’t subscribe now.  Rogers is in a great position of power that’s going to allow her to put a public stamp on iconic African-American brands. Plus, both magazines and their web properties NEED her help. I have full respect for the company and their products, but they have been long OVERDUE FOR OVERHAUL!

If you remember, when she worked at the White House back in November, the “gate crasher” scandal happened with the Salahi couple of (what is now) The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo. They were able to gain entrance to a State Dinner and take pictures with several notables, including the vice president, before they were escorted off the premises.

A huge media circus then pounced on the story. Major questions were asked about the President’s safety and a trail of finger-pointing ultimately led to Rogers decision to “quit.” (read: get the hell out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW)

Rogers was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal earlier this week about her career transition that is making headlines. They were able to get in a few questions about the job. But, then they asked one of the DUMBEST questions I think you could ask someone in Desiree’s shoes. They said, “Have you seen the first episode of The Real Housewives of DC?” Wow.

Are you really kidding me?! Is that the best that THEE Wall Street Journal could come up with??

She had to quit her job AT THE WHITE HOUSE and move back to Chicago and you ask if she watches the TV show that set it all off?? HELL NO!!! If she’s a really smart woman, she would never give them any ratings. She oughta have her husband put the parental controls on that channel just so she can’t accidentally land there and get re-depressed (my own word) about that mess.  Salahis my ass … *smh*

Anyway .. *calms down* .. We wish her the best!

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