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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Gas Prices Are Getting High As Hell Again

| On 30, Dec 2010

The prices attached to these NOTHING BUT THE WORK OF THE ENEMY!! Free us from high-ass gas prices!

Talk to anyone in just about any part of the country and they will tell you that gas prices are WAY TOO HIGH right about

I’ve noticed the slow upward creep of gas prices since 2009. But, none of the increases were that steep to warrant public anger. Now, almost two years later, gas is averaging above $3.00/gallon nationwide. The shit is finally starting to hit the fan!

As of Monday, gas prices in the U.S. officially averaged $3.05/gallon, their highest rate since October 2008. You will notice many more people walking, doing mass transit, Park ‘N Rides, and/or
ride-sharing if this keeps up. Yet, our government still can’t find a way to get more involved in alternative energy sources?! smh…

According to the former president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, Americans need to brace themselves for $5.00/gallon gas by 2012. He uses the time-worn excuse of higher demand and less supply to justify that price point. Let’s hope that he’s the former president of Shell for a reason.

I’d love to remind Mr. Hofmeister that he can sow the seeds for that supply and demand bullshit all he wants to. But, this U.S. economy is far too fragile to support $5.00/gallon gas anytime soon. He forgets that when gas scraped $4.50/gallon in late 2008, Americans showed the oil companies a trick or two. They quit driving, only traveled out of necessity, and threw the deuces up to gas-guzzling cars. Our DEMAND for lower prices was met when we stopped SUPPLYING them with our stupidity to accept those prices.

Trust that my 1972 Buick will be parked indefinitely if that price gauge gets too far out of hand. Lol…

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