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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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GOD’AWFUL INTERVIEW: Alvin Greene, Unemployed SC Senate Candidate

| On 14, Jun 2010

Yep, it’s official … I’m “almost” speechless.

Remember our story last week about Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in South Carolina? No one knew who he was, they were saying he was a plant of the GOP, he’s unemployed, etc. He was basically the laughingstock of last week’s primary news.

Well, Greene did a phone interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. I swear, I’ve seen pre-schoolers give more complete and critically thought-out answers. This is really some sad stuff right here.

The media is eating him A-LIVE like one ole sushi buffet! Even Don Lemon, the usually gentle giant of CNN, had to get tough with Alvin when he refused to answer questions about a pending felony charge. Greene said he had “no comment” about the charges of showing Internet porn to a South Carolina college student. Lemon reminded him that as a public figure, he now must be accountable for much more of his background.  Umm .. duh!

The kicker is when Don lets Greene know that two SC lawmakers have suspicions that he might have “mental impairments.” OH MY GOD!!!  Did Don really take it there in the interview?!  Then Don goes in further when he asks if there may be anything physically or mentally impairing him during their interview.  Greene responds repeatedly saying, “I’m fine..”

I’m sitting here screaming at my computer laughing!!!  Is this CNN or Comedy Central?

Though I’m laughing, I really cringed listening to most of this, but had to share with my readers. I know you all will get a kick (in the gut) out of this one. ::ShakingMyHead::

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