GOP Senator Urges Constituents to Beware of FOX News

| On 06, Apr 2010

Don't believe everything you hear ... Duh!

It’s funny how you can be the butt of a PJM post one day, then actually have something positive to add to the universe the next day.

Republican Senator Tom Coburn recently conducted a townhall meeting in Oklahoma City.  He was asked questions about the healthcare bill and a few other items going on in Congress.  When a constituent asked about possible jail time for those that didn’t comply with the healthcare law, he offered them some surprisingly sound advice.  He told them to NOT believe everything they hear on the network because “that just makes for good TV news on FOX…”

He then urged them to watch a more “balanced” blend of news coverage from CNN and MSNBC, along with FOX, to get a more rounded perspective.  He told them they should read The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. Ok … *grits teeth* … it’s a start.

I’m all for expanding your media horizons.  I would go a step further and tell the good people of Oklahoma to turn on their COMPUTERS to get even more information.  In fact, some of the best and most in-depth news can be found online.  I read both national and international outlets, blogs, message boards, etc.  Also, talk radio is another great platform.  It’s surprising how many informed citizen journalists, bloggers, radio hosts, and unappreciated reporters we have out here.  I look at my news as a collective of several different sources, not simply the latest of what’s available on TV or in major newspapers.

With that said, Coburn’s constituents need to research why in the hell he is not supporting the extension of unemployment benefits that’s up for renewal!!  Trust me, they are going to find a lot more raw opinions about his work than any of the major outlets are going to show.  He’s telling them to diversify their media intake, but is cutting off their unemployment benefits at the same time.  At my last check, Oklahoma is not a rich state.  Somebody in that Oklahoma City audience has GOT to be unemployed!  What’s really good, Tommy??

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