Gov. Jan Brewer Turns Arizona Into “Immigration Whipping Boy”

| On 24, Apr 2010

This immigration fight has Gov. Jan Brewer lacking in the Olay Regenerative department. The wrinkles are eating this sister ALIVE!!

The residents of Arizona should have been shocked by the news they received yesterday evening from their governor.

Last night, Gov. Jan Brewer (R) stuck by her conservative principles and sided with the immigration scare tactics lobby. She signed one of the toughest (and frankly shocking) pieces of state immigration legislation in the country.  The Arizona General Assembly has felt that the federal government has not done enough to address the issue of illegal immigration in their state.  So, they threw a collective middle-finger at Washington and pushed through a bill of their own.

Here’s the changes that come with the law Gov. Brewer signed last night:

  • It’s now a crime to be in the country illegally, well, specifically in the state of Arizona.
  • Local police now have to make sure citizens follow federal immigration laws.
  • It will be illegal to block the flow of traffic in any attempt to pick up day laborers.  I’m not quite sure if the crime also lies in “picking up” the day laborer or just creating gridlock to get to him/her.
  • The law takes effect 90 days after the current legislative session is over.  So, any illegals need to have the U-Haul loaded and spinning out on two wheels by .. umm .. let’s say August.

Polls say a good portion of Arizona residents support the new law, but it has pissed off many Latinos in the state.  The American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund are planning lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of the ruling.  They say that immigration enforcement is a federal task, not a state-level one.

Different sides can argue back and forth about illegals and the weight the community carries in supporting them.  I understand that.  But, the REALITY of this new law is that the gate is now wide open for profiling based on skin color, name, and/or English fluency.  Let’s be real about that. Not every brown-skinned person in Arizona is an illegal.  Nor does every American citizen speak fluent English.  You now will have to have some paperwork (or driver license) on you at all times to prove you’re an American citizen.  People can also now detain you on the “suspicion” of being an illegal.  That’s too much gray territory for my liking!

I think this law only addresses the symptoms and not the real problems associated with immigration – such as the problems WITHIN Mexico that cause hundreds of thousands of people to flee to the U.S.  This type of “get tough” law doesn’t hold much weight either when you can still get into the country through California, New Mexico, and Texas from Mexico, and they don’t have this crazy law either.  Duh!

Several Latino groups across the southwest, including a Congressman from Arizona, are calling for an economic boycott of the state. They are not playing.  Trust me, this fight or an eventual backlash against Arizona is NOT over!

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